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FAQ answers any additional questions that you may have about your new silicone companion.
If for any reason you need additional services please contact us.
 Alumni Benefits for Returning Customers

If I have already ordered one doll, can I get a discount on another one?

Yes, you can. We appreciate our customers and frequently offer discounts to customers that have ordered before. For example, when you order a full doll you can contact us to request $100.00 bonus coupon on your next full doll order. Please contact sales@1st-pc.com for more information.

Caring For Your Beautiful New Doll

I am not sure how to clean my new love doll? Does she know how to swim?

Generally, a quick shower or sponge bath will do using soap & water. With our new removable inserts your doll is extremely easy to clean.

Please remember that she does not know how to swim. She has a foam core to make her lighter. So she cannot be submerged in water. She will drown and suffer significant damage. Please visit our trouble shooting section for more information.

Sharp Objects

Can I use fake nails with my new silicone doll?

The nails are often attractive, may but cause your doll to require more care. Any sharp objects may damage silicone products. That is why we don’t recommend them but apply them at your request. You need to avoid all sharp objects or excessive force around your doll.

What is a good way to store my doll?

The best way is to hang her in an upright position. This will help to maintain and preserve her beauty.

She can be stored in her shipping crate. Please avoid compressing the silicone for long periods of time.

Credit Card Orders

Do you accept Credit Card Payments?

We accept visa and mastercard, checks, and wire transfers. Our parent company will be listed when you order for your privacy. All orders are nonrefundable irregardless of the form of payment. There is a special bonus for customers that order by check or wire transfer.

International Shipping

Are there any taxes for International Shipments?

Price will depend on destination and carrier of choice. As with most companies, International may be subject to the customs fees, import duties and taxes of the country to which you have your order shipped.

Fedex will collect a small fee for import taxes while delivering your doll.

When you are ready to order you can may contact us and request a tax estimate, please include information about the doll you would like to order, and your shipping address.

At certain times of the year, we run shipping specials. Please contact us or check our website for any special discounts that may be applied to shipping.

How will I know that my order has shipped?

We will confirm your order by email as soon as you order.

What if I want to change the color of her eyes after I order?

We request that you make any order changes with in first two weeks of ordering and list all changes at the end of your order and send us an email. We will try our best to honor any changes but we cannot guarantee the changes once you order since all orders are automatically started once you order.

I really like your dolls, and I would like to place an order. How long does the process take to create my new elite companion?
The best way to place an order is to complete the order form on our website.
All dolls are custom made. As soon as your order is confirmed, we begin designing, creating, and pouring your Personal Companion. All dolls are custom made and nonrefundable.

Due to our advanced engineering, the complete process only takes 5-6 weeks. Sometimes your shipment may arrive even earlier.

You will be notified by email by Fedex as your order is ready to ship out.

Poseable Doll Positions

Can I customize my companion to any unusual position?

Our dolls maintain standard positions, and can be fixed to adjust to other positions. Their skeletons are flexible and not poseable. They have a pvc skeleton like num chucks that go back into position.

They are always ready for action.


I would like to buy a personal companion, but I running short on funds. Can I do lay away or make installment payments?

Yes, you can select pay by mail, and send us a check to put only 50% down. Then you need to send the next payment by the fifth week. Once we receive the payment your lovely new silicone doll will ship. You can also request additional time to make your final payment. That way she is ready when you are. Plus you get a special bonus.

Privacy Policy

Do you protect your customers’ privacy?

1st-PC provides elite dolls for a variety of important customers. We do our best do protect your privacy at all times. All orders are handled with absolute confidentiality and discretion so you can be assured of total privacy. We will not give out or sell any information. All orders come in unmarked boxes, and we do our best to honor any special shipping requests on your order form.

Can you ship a doll to another location besides my private residence?

We will gladly ship your PC to any location you request. We usually ship with Fedex, but will consider other carriers. All items are insured before delivery. Delivery normally takes 5-6 weeks average.

Contact us anytime to verify the shipping charges and the best carrier for your location.

You can also request hold for pickup and pick your order at a nearby Fedex location. Please email us for more information.

We regret that we cannot ship to Post Office boxes. We are required to have a street address for delivery. You are notified by email when your order is shipped. You can go online to your order form to request and special shipping requests.


I changed my mind can I get a refund?

All dolls come as AS IS since they are custom made. Due to the nature of the products they are NON REFUNDABLE.

We want you to be completely satisfied with you beautiful new doll. Please consider carefully your specifications before you order. Anyone engaging in fraud will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

As soon as your order, your money is sent to our suppliers to secure the materials just for your doll. The suppliers are very hesitant to refund your order for any reason. Please see our terms section for specific information about our refund policy


If I need to repair my 1st-pc doll, what do I need to do?

Please visit the troubleshooting section of our website for more information.


Sales Tax

If I live in California do I pay sales tax?

No, only residents of North Carolina are required to pay sales tax. We usually include this on your receipt.


Do you ship around the world or just in the USA?

We have many customers in the United States and around the world. We can ship outside the USA anytime.

Shipping in the USA averages 300 hundred dollars, and out side the United States runs around 550 dollars outside the USA on our full sized silicone dolls.

Our torso dolls are weigh much less than the full dolls so their shipping costs are about half the price.

All shipping prices are decided by Fedex and may change at any time.

Due to our special engineering, the complete process only takes 5-6 weeks. Sometimes your shipment may arrive even earlier.

You will be notified by email by Fedex as your order is ready to ship out.

Once your order is completed, we deliver with in approximately three to five days. So, your companion arrives looking picture perfect

Do you offer a warranty?

No are products do not come with a warranty do to the nature of the product.

All products are custom made -non refundable and sold AS IS. All dolls are custom made and may have variations and artistic deviations.

All dolls are expected to be life like and attractive companions within the industry standards. We do not offer any warranties due to the nature of the product and the variation in usage.