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Repair Section
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Repair Section

Below are the instructions to Personalize Your New Doll

Adding Silicon Gel to Her Breasts Video

Materials needed:
Silicon Gel Base 1lbs kit
Silicon gel activator from 1lbs kit
Large Syringe from 1lbs kit
Weighing scale 1gram sensitivity
(most kitchen scales from Bed Bath & Beyond will do)
Large Popsicle sticks for mixing
Plastic cups
Put the plastic cup on the weigh scale and zero the scale.
Pour the silicon gel base into the plastic cup with amount you just eyeballed.
Note the weight of the silicon gel base. Calculate 10% of the weight
Zero the weigh scale and pour-in 10% by weight of the silicon gel activator.
Example: silicone gel base is 100g mix-in 10g of silicon gel activator.
Mix the silicone gel base & activator well.
Pour the mixture onto the large syringe.
Inject the silicon gel mixture into the affected area using the large syringe.
Note; you may need to apply a lot of pressure on the syringe to get the gel mixture into the affected breasts area. This is because the solid gel has to expand to accommodate the new liquid gel.
Repeat step 2 to 9 until you are satisfied with the results.
Allow the silicon gel mixture to cure for 16hrs.
This concludes this procedure.

Using the Silicon "Skin" Base for Patching

Materials needed;
Silicon "skin" Base 1lbs kit
Silicon activator from 1lbs kit
Weighing scale 1gram sensitivity (most kitchen scales from Bed Bath & Beyond will do)
Large Popsicle sticks for mixing
Plastic cups
Naptha for cleaning.
Saran wrap

Clean the area you want to patch with naptha very well. Allow it to dry.
Eyeball the amount of silicon you will need for patching or repair.
Put the plastic cup in the weigh scale & zero the scale.
Pour the silicon into the cup and note the weigh in grams.
Zero the scale and add 10% of the silicon activator.
Mix the silicon very well using the Popsicle stick.
In about 5-10 min. you will notice that the consistency of the mixture will get thicker like paste. Curing time is about 20-20min
Very quickly apply this thick mixture to the area you need to patch.
Using the Popsicle stick, try to sculpt the silicon and blend it in the affected area.
In some cases, use saran wrap over & around the silicon to smoothen and leave the saran wrap until the silicon is fully cured. Curing time will depend on 2 factors, amount of activator (the more the faster to cure) & humidity (the more humid the faster to cure). If you need to work with the silicon longer, reduce the amount of activator to 7% or less.
Once the silicon is cured. Check if you need to add more silicon.
End of procedure.
Coloring the Silicon Base

The silicon base comes colored. In the event you like to change the color to a darker tone you can use powder based foundation make-up. Scrape the foundation powder into the silicon and mix with well till you get the desired color. The new color you created then can be used for patching or repair.

Some Working Tips

It is always a good idea to make a small test batch of silicon to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the silicon, especially when silicon cure time varies with the amount of activator and humidity.


Repair Instructions of a Tear in the Silicone Skin


Following materials from (Home Depot)

GE Silicone I (clear) kitchen & bath sealant
Large Staples(1.5 inch for a staple gun)
Quart of Naphta.


 Clean the affected area with Naptha (use a cloth or pater towel)

Apply a thin layer of GE silicone to the seams.

Wipe-off excess silicone with a paper towel damped with Naptha.

Use the Large staples to stich/hold the seams.

Put the staples about 1/2 inch apart or where nessecary.

Wait 20min before removing the staples.

Note: applying too much GE silicone will make the repaired area lumpy, ONLY a thin amount is needed.



Coloring your Personal Companion 's Silicon

Materials needed:
G.E. Silicone I kitchen & Bath clear silicone
Make-up foundation powder (the color needed patch the affected area)
Several large Popsicle sticks
Naptha – used as a thinner and cleaner for GE silicone I
Air brush or a soft artists brush
Foam sponge for applying the powder make-up
Paper towel
Small plastic disposable cups

Coloring Procedure

Clean the area to be colored well using a taper towel saturated with Naptha.
Allow the area to dry.
Using the foam sponge, apply the color with the make-up powder. If you make a mistake, just clean the area again with Naptha.
Once you are satisfied with the coloring, then put a small amount of GE silicone I on the plastic cup.
Add a small amount of Naptha and stir until the GE silicone I is completely dissolved into the Naptha.
The initial mixing will yield thick solution. Thin the solution with Naptha until it is near the
consistency of water.Use this mixed solution to be sprayed into the affected areas using an airbrush. This action will seal the colored powder into the main silicone.
If you do not have an air brush, you can use a soft artists brush to brush the silicone sealer in the affected area. Make sure to brush softly to avoid brushing the powder coloring away.

25 min later the sprayed silicone should be cured.